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                              Investor Relations
                              Communication with Stakeholders

                              Shareholders Communication Policy

                              We have a shareholders communication policy setting out strategies to promote effective communication with shareholders, with the aim of ensuring shareholders are provided with information about the Company to enable them to engage actively with the Company and to exercise their rights as shareholders in an informed manner.


                              Annual General Meetings

                              Among the multiple channels, we maintain close contact with all our shareholders, our annual general meeting, which enjoys strong participation from shareholders, provides a particularly good opportunity for communication between the Board and the shareholders. The chairmen of the Board and of the Committees are normally present to answer queries raised by shareholders. External auditor also attends and reports to shareholders at the annual general meeting every year.

                              In addition to the Chairman’s Letter to Shareholders, the Chairman uses the annual general meeting as an opportunity to open a dialogue with shareholders and to elaborate on the outlook of the Group and its business strategies.


                              Enquiries from Shareholders

                              Specific enquiries and suggestions by shareholders can be sent in writing to the Board or the Company Secretary at our registered address or by email to the Company at pr@fshl.com. In addition, shareholders can contact Boardroom Share Registrars (HK) Limited, the share registrar of the Company, if they have any enquiries about their shareholdings or entitlement to dividend.

                              The Company continuously enhances its website as a means of communication with stakeholders. Newsletters and IR power points are available on our website.


                              Stakeholders Engagement

                              We maintain a constant dialogue with institutional investors and financial analysts through analyst briefings, investor meetings and periodic overseas roadshows.

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